Kitesurf Tarifa


From Kitepassion Tarifa Kiteschool we can tell you were the best spot for kitesurfing is, depending of the wind conditions. In Tarifa we have two kinds of wind : Levante or Poniente.

The Levante is a type of groundwind, blowing offshore. You should be causeous when choosing your spot, because it´s a very strong and gusty wind.  In the south of playa de los Lances, the wind is blowing 100% from the beach out towards the sea. That´s why you should think ahead, so you are prepared if a compromised situation would occur. Always assess the situation as an indenpendent boardrider, and have in mind the diffrent situations that may occur when you are kiteboarding.

During the time of summer, the corporation Sea Angels are responsible for students in playa de los Lances. Don´t forget to get a salvagebond incase your equipment needs saving too.



During the whole year, the cove of Valdevaqueros is a spot where you can navigate safely and the placement of the sand, makes less problems that always seems to occur in Punta Paloma. Thats why , when there is Levante: Valdevaqueros. During summer, between june and september, you can navégate infront of Camping Río Jara under the supervisión of the rescue boats. Also remember that there are zones limited to the schools, That you´re not allowed to cross for the safety of everybody. 



With Poniente wind (on shore) in Tarifa,  the sweetspots are in Playa de Los Lances North: Beachbar Arte y Vida ( if you prefer waves), or at Playa de Los Lances South: The footballfield.

 Remember that in summer it´s forbidden to navigate infront of the village, it´s reserved for  bathers, and the limited zone for kitesurfers starts at the boy infront of Camping Rio Jara and steches to beachbar Aqua.

 In the spring months , Autum and Winter, you can enjoy the best poniente wind in: Balenario, the footbalfield (playa de los Lances South) and during full moon when the tide is high also in the lagoon, which is spectacular. Remember when the lagoon is small its forbidden to navigate infront of the bird watching area and if you do, your are playing with the possibility of being fined. But nevertheless when there is hightide, you can enjoy more of the wind and the lagoon can at times strech for kilometers between Rio Jara and the village.

Likewise, there are multitude of possiblities. And this past summer of 2014, we have seen that the termic wind of Valdevaqueros has been customary,  but on the other hand in los Lances there has been a great lack of wind. That´s why, you for sure will find wind in the cove during summer, but the problem has a big influence on persons in front of Club Mistral.



Also note, that if you´re an experienced rider, You shouldn´t miss out on kiting with levante in Balneario or Río Jara, flat wáter and with a nice breeze, thanks to  the local venturi effect. And with a médium sized wave that may assist your jumps,(if you´re riding a twintip) or want to surf the wave strapless. In these spots it´s prohibited to kitesurf alone, and you should always have respect for the wheather conditions.