Team KitePassion Tarifa



The team Kitepassion Tarifa it's made up of instructors IKO level 2. All our instructors have adequate qualifications for our lessons of kiteboarding, surfing, SUP and Windsurf. With the philosophy Kitepassion besides, the best treatment to the student to learn with the most enjoyable and safety way.

In all our courses the most important is the conditions of wind  are the most suitable for the practice of the courses and that our students enjoy 100% of our courses with the highest security.

We specialize in courses for children, for our family and close environment makes us specialists in this type of courses also taking the necessary qualifications to impart.

You'll be part of our community and its relationship with Kitepassion not end when you finish the course. But a philosophy on life of freedom, passion for this amazing sport, companionship and friendship of their way to you. Our flag on the beach will be your reference and will be welcome every time you come sailing with us.

There is the maximum satisfaction for a teacher, to be able to navigate and get in the water with the student who has taught. That is priceless and for Team Kitepassion Kiteschool rate that is our goal.

See you on the water!!




Kitepassion Tarifa Team